Phone Case Set

Protect your smartphone and enter the world of SP Connect. The MicroRail mount on the back of the SP Connect PHONE CASE allows you to take advantage of all the new and innovative SP Connect products and many GoPro compatible ones (with the included adapters). This slim case keeps your smartphone safe with a 3 layer construction and still allows access to all the phone's ports and buttons.


Fitness Bundle

The SP Connect FITNESS BUNDLE will let wear your phone while you are running or exercising. Just place your mobile phone into the SP Connect PHONE CASE and see feel how easy it is to mount the phone on your RUNNING BAND, or for that matter, on any other SP Connect mount .


Running Band

The ajdustable SP Connect RUNNING BAND provides a lightweight option to run your apps and enjoy your playlist during your favorite fitness activities. Fully compatible with the SP Connect Phone Case for easy smartphone mounting and removal via our MicroRail system. 



Clamp Mount

Simply attach the SP Connect CLAMP MOUNT to your handlebar or any bar with a diameter from 23 to 43mm on your bike for various options of use for your cases, lights or action cam.


Bike Bundle

The SP Connect BIKE BUNDLE lets you mount your smartphone to your bike with a turn of your wrist. Your mobile phone is then positioned right in the center of your vision, allowing you to use your apps, access your playlists, read messages or navigate. Use the WEATHER COVER to protect your phone from rain and dirt. Fasten the CLAMP MOUNT or STEM MOUNT to your bike and you are ready to mount your smartphone in the SP Connect PHONE CASE by placing it on the mount and turning it 90° clockwise.





Stem Mount

The SP Connect STEM MOUNT provides a secure low-profile attachment of the Phone Case or any GoPro® compatible mount right in the middle of your handlebar. Just replace the stem cap of your bike with the STEM MOUNT and you're ready to go.

Gadgets for your GoPro Kamera