PolarPro Quadcopter filter 3-Pack

The PolarPro Frame2.0 filter 3-pack is the perfect filter solution for the 3DR Solo, combining high definition glass with an ultra-lightweight design. Weighing in at only 5.5 grams (ND) and 6.1 grams (CP) these filters work perfectly with the 3DR Solo gimbal. PolarPro uses a new high definition glass allowing the GoPro to capture razor sharp images and video. This set includes the three most popular filters for aerial imaging.

 Circular Polarizer Filter: The polarizer filter for the Solo reduces glare and works especially well when flying over water. The CP also helps increase color saturation and improve contrast. This filter is also a great way to protect your GoPro lens against unexpected crashes while flying the 3DR Solo.

 2-Stop ND: This 2-Stop ND, or ND4 reduces the GoPro’s shutter speed by 2 stops. The GoPro has a very high shutter speed while filming outdoors, so the 2-stop ND slows it down and smooths out the video. Using a neutral density filter is also a great way to reduce the Jello effect.

 3-Stop ND: This ND reduces the cameras shutter speed by 3 stops. The brighter it is outside the faster the shutter speed will be. On brighter days the 3-stop ND or ND8 will help reduce the shutter speed enough to reduce Jello and smooth out video.


The 3DR Solo Frame2.0 3 Pack is the perfect filter set to help capture the best aerial content possible.


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